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Personal record of

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Jean-François. Clement

M. Jean-François CLEMENT



  • Bureau n°11
  • LaTIM
  • Bâtiment 2bis (I3S)
    CHU Morvan - 5, Av. Foch
  • 29609 Brest CEDEX
  • Tel +33(0)2 98 01 8108


  • U.B.O.
  • 3 rue des Archives
    CS 93837
  • 29238 Brest cedex 3


2012  Wentz T, Fayad H, Bert J, Pradier O, Clement JF, Boussion N, Visvikis D:Accuracy of dynamic patient surface monitoring using a Time-of-Flight camera and B-splines modeling for respiratory motion characterization.. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2012,57(13),4175-4193,O,M,GB
2011  Wentz T, Fayad H, Clement JF, Savéan J, Hatt M, Visvikis D:Extraction and evaluation of anatomical patient surface and associated respiratory motion with a Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera.. Society of nuclear medicine annual meeting, 2011,,0-0,C,A,GB
  Fayad H, Pan Tinsu, Clement JF, Visvikis D:Technical Note: Correlation of respiratory motion between external patient surface and internal anatomical landmarks .. Medical Physics, 2011,38(6),3157-3165,R,M,GB
  Wentz T, Clement JF, Fayad H, Visvikis D:Time-of-Flight camera for patient motion monitoring in medical applications.. Recherche en Imagerie et Technologies pour la Santé, 2011,,0-0,C,A,FR
2009  Fayad H, Pan T, Roux C, Cheze-Le Rest C, Pradier O, Clement JF, Visvikis D:A Patient Specific Model Based On 4D CT Data and a Time of Flight Camera (TOF).. IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS-MIC), 2009,,2594-2598,C,A,GB
  Clement JF, Fayad H, Lamard M, Pradier O, Cheze-Le Rest C, Visvikis D:Time of flight camera (TOF) for contact-less and marker-less 3D respiratory motion detection.. Society of Nuclear Medecine annual meeting, 2009,,0-0,A,A,GB
  Fayad H, Clement JF, Pan T, Roux C, Cheze-Le Rest C, Pradier O, Visvikis D:Towards a Generic Respiratory Motion Model for 4D CT Imaging of the Thorax.. IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS-MIC), 2009,,3975-3979,C,A,GB
2008  Descourt P, Mathy F, Maitrejean S, Clement JF, Comtat C, Trebossen R, Rossetto O, Verger L, Montémont G, Monnet O, Visvikis D:Performance assessment of a variable field of view and geometry PET animal scanner based on CdTe strip detector blocks.. IEEE Medical Imaging Conference proceedings, 2008,,4559-4561,A,A,GB