CASToR - Customizable and Advanced Software for Tomographic Reconstruction

CASToR is an open-source multi-platform project for 4D emission (PET and SPECT) and transmission (CT) tomographic reconstruction. This platform is a scalable software providing both basic image reconstruction features for "standard" users and advanced tools for specialists in the reconstruction field, to develop, incorporate and assess their own methods in image reconstruction (such as specific projectors, optimization algorithms, dynamic data modeling, etc) through the implementation of new classes.




GGEMS - GPU GEant4-based Monte Carlo Simulations

GGEMS is a modular GPU Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) platform targeting multiple dosimetry and imaging applications. Physics models (photons and electrons) are based on the well-validated Geant4 toolkit. This new platform proposes a hardware adapted solution for the different components of MCS with advanced mechanisms targeting numerous MCS medical applications (PET, SPECT, CT imaging, external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy).




PLACIS - Intensive Computing and Storage PLAtform