Multimodal information integration for decision making and interventional therapies optimisation

The IMAGINE team's plan is to develop and provide therapists with integrative models of decision support. The introduction of ICTs in health has indeed had a lasting impact on the practice of interventional medicine and surgery. The multiplication of sensors, their communicating and embedded nature now leads practitioners to optimize the therapeutic action in real time. The decision became a permanent notion at the center of the care process, before, during and after the act. Beyond the sole decision, the therapist's ability to implement it accurately is the second key to effective treatment. If the introduction of ICT has been an innovation in itself, the multidisciplinary evolution of an approach combining Information and Health Sciences, must now emerge new concepts of treatment. The development of new therapeutic paradigms or new implants will be one of the strengths of the team's approach. The latter will be organized into three thematic areas, led by a methodologist / clinician, to ensure synergy, from the definition of needs to the evaluation of research products in the clinical environment. These three areas will be used in a transversal policy aimed at optimizing the overall chain of care, from screening to treatment and its follow-up. De facto, the researchers of the team will have to solve problems of information security during the clinical follow-up but also throughout its phase of production and treatment. These continuing security approaches will be another important point in the team's science policy.