Therapeutic Gesture

Towards Personalized Orthopaedic Surgery Management

Develop new solutions for a better surgical management in orthopaedics. Our team has more than 15 years’ experience in computer assisted orthopaedic surgery.


  • Innovative measurement devices to optimize surgical planning: Pre-operative determination of patient-specific morpho-functional parameters for a personalized Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA)


Example of a new ultrasound-based device to measure the patient-specific pelvic tilt in different daily positions for the optimization of the cup orientation in THA []


  • A new generation of intraoperative surgical solutions for an optimal surgical assistance: towards new markerless and non-invasive guidance systems
New Markerless intraoperative 3D localization systems

Intraoperative depth cameras for orthopaedic surgical instrument pose estimation


Interventional non-invasive Imaging solution

Ultrasound modality applied to orthopedics []


  • Smart implants for personalized post-operative patient Follow-up
Design and Development of a self-powered, fine-tunable knee implant for post-operative Ligament Imbalance Correction

Development of a new generation of instrumented knee implant with integrated power generator, power conditioning system telemetry system and actuators for fin-tuning the implant shape in the postoperative period.



Two projects in progress




The international society of Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery will be held in Brest in June 2020, after New-York in 2019, and Beijing in 2018. More information at




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