Dosimetry and Radiotherapy

The different projects involving the Imaging and Dosimetry in Radiotherapy Axis are all concerning the dosimetry optimization of radiotherapy protocols using imaging and/or numerical simulation and/or different therapy delivery regimes and/or systems. 



Use of depth cameras in external beam radiotherapy

  • Filtering
  • Calibration
  • Patient repositioning
  • Respiratory motion
  • On-line collision monitoring
Depth Cameras


Computer assisted in prostate brachytherapy intervention

  • Multimodal image processing (segmentation, registration, etc.)
  • Fast personalized dosimetry
  • Edema biomechanical model
  • Advanced treatment planning system
  • Collaborative robotic guidance


Monte-Carlo simulations in medical applications

  • GPU architecture for parallel implementation (GGEMS platform:
  • Variance reduction technique
  • Navigation optimization
  • Particle delivery system modeling and validation


Non-coplanar arc radiotherapy

  • Collision predicition
  • Dosimetric optimization
  • Path planning optimization